Domestic Water Filters

The Cintropur® Domestic water filter design is very different from that of other filters on the market and will surprise you with the large volumes handled at very low pressure loss.

Maintenance is economical and environmentally friendly, as only one single filter sleeve needs to be replaced. 


The Cintropur Water Filter design is innovative in two ways.

The flow of water entering the system is transformed into a vortex via a centrifugal vane, forcing larger particles to the base of the vessel to enable purging via a drain tap.

The exclusive Cintropur® filter sleeve performs the secondary stage of filtration with options ranging from 1 to 300 micron.

The bowls transparency facilitates visual inspection of the sleeves condition and the level of deposits to be purged.

Optional accessories & spare parts provide the ability to customise each unit to individual applications or to combine multiple units into one system to provide solutions to particular water quality issues.

Ideal for Whole House Domestic & Rural filtration applications with townwater or rainwater supplies. 


Domestic Water Filters



Average flow rate 90 L/min, Max pressure 16 Bar, filtration surface 450 cm2, complete with 1” inch fittings and single 25 micron sleeve.


Average flow rate 100 L/min, Max pressure 16 Bar, filtration surface 840 cm2, complete with 1 1/4” inch fittings and single 25 micron sleeve.


Filters can be joined in series for double or triple filtration stages. Multiple filtration occurs often where the water has large volumes of paticulates. Ideal to prevent overloading & blocking of single filters.

Water filters seperate solids from water using a fine physical barrier (the filter sleeves) of a chosen micron size. Unlike a sieve or screen, a filter may be coarse and remove large particles, or fine, capable of removing most substances. In general, the size of the openings controls the size of the particles that will be removed and in some cases may require multiple micron sizes to prevent blockages.


 Domestic Water Filter Dimensions



Domestic Water Filter Parts


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