Filter Cartridges Blocked?

Water filter cartridges are more often supplied in fine micron sizes ranging from 25 micron down to 5 micron or sometimes less. These micron sizes can be too fine for rainwater supplies containing sediment and surprisingly even town water supplies. This can cause premature blockages and shortened life of the cartridge, it can starve pumps and cause pressure loss in the supply to your house. Unlike Cintropur's economical filter sleevesreplacement filter cartridges can be expensive especially when dealing with carbon block types. We hear this on a regular basis, does this sound familiar, need a solution? Install a pre-filter! 
To protect fine filter cartridge systems or other water treatment processes, the Cintropur Filters are ideal. In comparison to the cost of regular cartridge replacement you can install a coarse Cintropur pre-filter in the micron range of 100 to 50 micron. This will take out the majority of particles, protect systems further in the line, prevent blockages of your cartridge filter and save you money!

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